After 12 Fashions is owned and operated by a husband and wife team.  They opened the store in 2018 online and now have opened a storefront as well.  Their brand in available on many sales channels from Walmart.com, Amazon, Pinetrest, etc.   They're also a Wholesaler.  If you have a seller's permit / EIN number lets connect. 

About our family, we have 7 children.  We have been blessed by God to have a large supportive family.   One of children are special needs.  She is our miracle child  We thank GOD everyday for our family.   

We created this business to leave our family when we are gone.   

Thanks again for shopping with us!  Please share our store link.   If you don't have a good experience for any reason with our team.  Please let us know at after12llc@yahoo.com.  We do check that as well as the owner.